What does Jacana offer?

Jacana Indumentaria S.A.S. has its own clothing factory. The garments are made entirely in our facilities, which allows us to work with agility, manage competitive costs and constantly improve our products.
We currently have no minimum quantities. You can order the amount of garments you want. We have an efficient production system capable of placing any order according to the requirements of each client; being 1 garment, 10 or 1000, whatever, we can do it.
Ask us what you need, a team of shirts but not shorts, shirts plus shorts plus an alternative shirt, whatever you want we will produce it for you.
Of course, we are athletes and we understand the needs of each sport. We know that you are going to need the football, handball or hockey goalkeeper's shirt, the volleyball libero's shirt and they will not have to wear a garment outside the team to differentiate themselves.
We know that design matters are a reason for consensus, so we give you tools to share them. This will allow your colleagues or whoever you like to access your designs. If you like a recommendation, you can modify something right there until polishing and approving it. Once they are satisfied with the design, the quote request form is made where you put your contact information, any directive or query in particular and you send it to us. In this form comes the design of the garments, the logos, the list of sizes, name and numbers. This allows us to contact you, advance commercially and if we agree, we already have everything to start producing.
We work with a production process with control points. We will inform you of each control point that your garments comply with so that anxiety does not win you over.
We will inform you along with the quote and they are part of the purchase agreement. Rest assured that we comply with them and we never sacrifice quality to do so.
There is no limitation. You just have to be careful to take the measurements correctly and make the order carefully. That part is up to you and with that list, we produce the garments that we know will fit everyone.

Designing my wear.

Start your design journey by choosing your sport. We help you choose the set of garments for your sport, although if you want to play soccer with muscle, you can also design it. Once you have selected your sport, you choose the type of garment to customize and then you will see the base designs that we have prepared for you. From then on, the only limit is your creativity. And if you are not satisfied, we will help you with the design.
Of course, go to wwww.jacana.ar and you will see how the whole site becomes a first-rate mobile experience.
You can set size, name and number for each team member. We don't understand it any other way.
For each type of garment we have prepared a significant number of base designs and with the possibilities of using multiple color areas, graphic patterns and own images, the possibilities are endless. You will see that we are not exaggerating ...
Our 3D designer is fantastic, but if you've already done the job we'll do it for you. If you have your own design thought beyond the possibilities that we offer you, you can download our templates from: Corel - Adobe - PDF
Of course, it is possible to include a team badge or logo that will be located in an initial position by default (on the heart side) and then you can add other logos in different areas of your garment.
Once you choose the colors of your garment, you can add your shield or logo. You can upload and locate all the images you want on your garment. We recommend that they be high resolution images so that later the printing is of quality.
This problem occurs in bitmap graphic formats, if you use vectorized images (ai, eps, pdf) you will not have this problem. Anyway, if you have a bitmap (jpg, png and others) it is not so difficult to solve it. We recommend using the png format where you can remove the background of the image with an editor and that will make that area transparent.
We accept many image formats, among them you can upload jfif, pjpeg, jpeg, pjp, jpg, png, gif, eps, ai, ps and pdf files. Look that there are bitmap formats and other vectorized ones. If you use vectorized (ai, eps, pdf) you will ensure that the quality of the image is excellent no matter the scale of use.
We know that creativity has no limits and that is why we offer you the design service of your garment. A designer from our staff will contact you and with a minimal cost will help you or completely design your garment or equipment.
Of course, as soon as you finish designing your shirt, if you start with your shorts, the colors are remembered and are offered to you by default. This makes it easy for you to keep the color scheme for your shorts, windbreaker, diver, leggings, socks, and whatever you want. It even helps you for your alternative team and do not forget that in general the regulation is to have an official team of light colors and an alternative of dark colors or vice versa. If your shirt is blue with a red stripe, do not use the reverse as an alternative because it does not differ, better use a white, yellow or fluo. We have plenty of colors to offer you.
Absolutely not, you start from a base design and then the adventure begins. We offer you designs with gradients and multiple color zones, but we also offer you a range of graphic patterns that we can apply in different areas of your garment, and not only that, you can enlarge them, rotate them, move them horizontally or vertically and even change the color or vary its opacity to make it more or less transparent. And everything is done very easily….
Absolutely, each approved design constitutes a new custom item for Jacana and can be ordered multiple times.
The designs do not have limitations of use, but the image of well-known brands. By adding the logos of your sponsors there will be a point where you assume responsibility for the permission to use those images.

Purchasing process.

Of course, we have our own line of products that adapt to any use. We are also proud to wear the Argentine Athletics Team, which is why we market the entire line of garments used by our athletes so you can wear the same shirt that is used in a Panamerican Games or in a Youth Olympic Game. Our process for this line of products is the contact via networks to organize your purchase.

How do we produce?

Every garment has its secret, but generally we use our own sublimated recipe alongside a selection of fabrics that have proven benefits.
Jacana covers an important range of uses for its garments, from ultra high competition to training. In between, different sports have different demands on traction, torsion, UV exposure, etc. For this reason, each garment has its own recommendation for use and care, which we take very seriously because we want you to be satisfied with your garment. We have lines for garments that we know should last a long time in competition and others that should shine during a single event. Each case has its solution.
They will never fade since the sublimation process not only withstands time and the action of UV rays also supports corrosive agents such as chlorine.
Si bien hacemos lo posible para que los colores que ves en la pantalla se traduzcan en tu indumentaria es imposible asegurarlo. Esto se debe a que la representación grafica de los colores depende del dispositivo en el que se los visualiza.
We know that there is an infinite range of colors and but we narrowed our choice based on our knowledge and to provide a pleasant design experience. It is very frustrating for those who have no design experience to use gradual palettes where it is often difficult to achieve the color one is looking for. For these cases you have the design service of our staff to which you can send a general line and they will return any design you need.

How do we manage sizes?

Por supuesto, siempre que sean talles que hayamos contemplado y te aseguramos que tenemos una amplia gama de talles disponible en cada tipo de prenda.
Absolutely, we know that S, M, XL are ambiguous measurements so we have an unequivocal measurement model for each type of garment. Then we standardize it in our workshop systems, but you indicate your measurements, as you would with a tailor.
None, the physical morphology of the athletes is not homogeneous and we are prepared for any combination of sizes.

Wear printing.

Normally the sponsor logos are sublimated directly with the garment. The shield or logo can also be sublimated although it can also be printed on vinyl or flexible 3D rubber. This last option can change the cost and delivery time, but it is worth it.
We do what you tell us. We can directly sublimate the name and number on the garment or we can print it later. Both methods successfully follow the life of the garment without deterioration, although vinyl requires a minimum of additional care.
As long as the logos are sublimated (and everyone uses it like that) there is no additional cost for the logos or images.
You will send them to us while you design. As we said before, you just have to take care that the quality of the images is adequate.
If you use a vertorized format (ai, eps, pdf) you will not have any problem with resolution or quality. If your format is bitmapped (jpg, png and others) make sure your image has at least 150 dpi (which are dots per inch) although the ideal is 300 dpi. To find out what is the resolution of an image in your Windows, you can go to Windows Explorer, right-click on the image and then "Properties". In the tab "Details" there is a list and in that list a section "Image". Look for two items that say "Horizontal resolution" and "Vertical resolution", that is the value we are looking for and normally it should be the same. A commonly used resolution for web images is 72dpi. This resolution is insufficient and if the image needs to be expanded, it is likely to be pixelated and will not work. Anyway, we can help you correct your images if you don't have someone to do it for you.
Absolutamente, ofrecemos una variedad de tipos de letras siguiendo el criterio de los colores, una selección acotada, de uso común, de diseño agradable y profesional. Si no te alcanza o tenés otra idea la implementamos para vos.
Of course, we know that you are creative so we give you the possibility to choose the base color of the letters and set aside the color of the outline. In addition, the combination may be different for the name and for the number, it is your decision.


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